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About Me

Italian born, practical, easy going, confident, self confessed jack of all trades and general all round bloody nice bloke.

My interest in photography started back in the 80’s. After leaving school and starting work fulltime I was finally able to afford a decent camera and what was then a very expensive hobby.

I ran a colour film through the Canon AE1 to test it out followed by a few black & white films as I wanted to learn the darkroom process. I soon discovered that people looked at the black & white images in a different way. The viewer took more time to actually look at the pictures and interact with them, feeling the mood and atmosphere that the image portrayed. I was hooked on monochrome and have not shot a colour film since.

I joined the Horsham Photographic Society entering competitions and enjoyed some success. Portraits, landscapes, glamour and ‘judgebait’ were my main subjects. I liked to create images in the darkroom rather than ‘in camera’ that people talked about and remembered.

During the 90’s what was an interest and hobby became a passion and a living as I worked in a photo lab hand printing black & white images. This all came to an abrupt stop in the late 90’s one stormy night when my darkroom got flattened by a 60ft tree!!

The insurance money replaced the equipment but it didn’t replace the lost negs and 10 years worth of prints. My enthusiasm, also flattened, would take another 10 years to recover.

It was a career change into computing that introduced me to the new wonders of digital imaging and Photoshop but like many people I was too busy earning a living to make the most of these fantastic new technologies.

A move to the New Forest in 2006 and my now slower pace of life has given me the time and inspiration to reawaken the interest.

2009’s new year resolution was to dust the camera off and once again find my passion for photography..

watch this space…

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